Running electoral registration - England

Determining applications for Voter Authority Certificates and Anonymous Elector’s Documents following the exceptions or attestation process

Determining an application where additional documentary evidence has been provided

Where you are satisfied that an applicant’s identity has been verified as a result of providing additional documentary evidence, you should determine the application for a Voter Authority Certificate or Anonymous Elector’s Document as approved.

Where you are not satisfied with the documentary evidence provided you may request further additional evidence, an attestation or refuse the application.

Determining an application where an attestation has been provided

If you have been able to determine an attestation valid and therefore successfully established the identity of the applicant, you should determine the application as approved.

If you are not satisfied that the attestation is valid you may request another attestation, ask for additional evidence or refuse the application.

If an applicant refuses or does not respond to your request on or before the deadline to provide additional documentary evidence or an attestation

If an applicant refuses or does not respond to your request on or before  the deadline to provide additional evidence or an attestation, you may refuse the application.1  

Last updated: 17 November 2022