Running electoral registration - England

Maintaining records of Voter Authority Certificates and Anonymous Elector’s Documents issued

You must keep a record in the EROP of all Voter Authority Certificates and Anonymous Elector’s Documents issued.1

To ensure that the record of Anonymous Elector’s Documents issued remains secure, you must keep it separately from the record of Voter Authority Certificates issued.2

You must make an entry in the relevant issued document record as soon as reasonably practicable after issuing either a Voter Authority Certificate or Anonymous Elector’s Document.3

Each issued document record for Voter Authority Certificates and for Anonymous Elector’s Documents must contain the following:4

  • the date of issue and the appropriate identifier of the document
  • the full name of the person to whom the document was issued 
  • the address where the applicant is or will be registered
  • if the applicant is a service voter, overseas elector or registered using a declaration of local connection, their present address 
  • any indication given that the applicant needs to collect their certificate, and the reason why
  • any indication given as to whether the applicant required a Braille, easy read or large print explanation of the Voter Authority Certificate or Anonymous Elector’s Document to be issued
  • copy of the person’s photograph 
  • any email address or telephone number provided
  • the name of the local authority by which you are appointed
  • an indication of whether a temporary Voter Authority Certificate was also issued and, if so, 
    • the appropriate identifier of that temporary Voter Authority Certificate document
    • the date of which the temporary Voter Authority Certificate is valid    

You must take proper precautions for the safe custody of these records.5 More information can be found in disclosure of information.

Last updated: 21 November 2022