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How can partnerships help to raise public awareness?

How can partnerships help to raise public awareness?

Partnerships can help you to raise public awareness by:

  • sharing messages - for some social groups, messages are more likely to be acted upon if they come from someone they trust and know – for example, a respected community leader or organisation
  • extending the reach of your advertising – for example, a dentist may put posters in their waiting room, you could also place them in community buildings or on public notice boards 
  • including information in the communications they already send out
  • increasing your capacity by answering people’s questions and supporting them to fill in forms - for example charitable organisations

Other partnership activities could include:

  • providing registration forms for estate agents to attach to rental contracts
  • identifying a charity whose volunteers are willing to help people fill in forms
  • working with a large local employer who is keen on supporting community causes
  • providing materials for or working together to deliver a workshop on democracy and registration

Partners may also be able to identify other opportunities that you have not yet considered.

Last updated: 6 October 2020