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How to set up a new partnership?

How to set up a new partnership

When setting up a partnership you may want to have a telephone conversation or face to face meeting particularly for larger partnerships, where the following points should be addressed:

  • explain why the partnership is beneficial to both parties 
  • agree the level of support the partner will offer
  • understand the mechanisms they will use for reaching their audience
  • agree whether any materials will be needed and, if so, who will be producing them
  • agree what messages they will use in communicating with their audience
  • agree what information they will provide on how the audience can respond or where they can get more help
  • agree who at the local authority will be available to answer the partner’s questions
  • be clear about timings and when messages need to change
  • establish regular communications 
  • ensure that if things are not going as planned they are open to stopping the activity and, where relevant, returning materials
  • agree an approach to evaluation of the activity
Last updated: 6 October 2020