Running electoral registration - Scotland

The exceptions process for postal vote applications

To support the verification of personal identifiers (NINo and DOB) for domestic electors you may require additional documentary evidence in respect of their application. 

You must inform them of the following:

  • the deadline for submitting the additional documentary evidence
  • that their application may be rejected if they fail or refuse to provide the additional evidence

If the postal vote is needed for a forthcoming poll you should liaise with the RO (where you are not already the RO) to plan how you will coordinate the determination and subsequent issuing of postal packs for that poll. Our guidance on determining applications close to the deadline provides more information on this.  

If an applicant for a postal vote is a special category elector and you require additional evidence to verify their identity, our guidance on documentary evidence that can be required in connection with postal vote applications provides more information on this. 

Last updated: 12 December 2023