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What information must be included in a proxy vote application?

The information required to be included in proxy vote applications will differ depending on the type of poll a proxy vote is being applied for. All applications must include:1  

  • the full name of the elector 
  • the address where the elector is (or has applied to be) registered to vote
  • the elector’s date of birth
  • the elector’s signature (or a request for a signature waiver)
  • whether the application is for a poll on a particular date (and, if so, confirmation of which one), a particular period (and, if so, the date range of the period) or an indefinite period 
  • an indication of which polls the application applies to
  • the date of the application

The application must also contain the following:2

  • the full name and address of the proxy
  • the grounds on which the elector claims to be entitled to vote by proxy
  • a statement confirming the proxy is capable of being and willing to be appointed as the proxy

Scottish Parliament and Scottish council elections

Applications for proxy votes for Scottish Parliament and Scottish council elections must also include:3

  • the family relationship between the elector and proxy (if any)

UK Parliamentary elections

An application for a proxy vote for UK Parliamentary elections must also include the following information:4

  • the applicant’s National Insurance number (NINo) or, if they are not able to provide that information, the reason why they are not able to do so 

The applicant’s full name, National Insurance number (NINo) and date of birth (DOB) are also known as their personal identifiers and these pieces of information are used to perform a data match with DWP to verify an applicant’s identity when they are making an application for a postal vote for UK Parliamentary elections.

Our guidance for Electoral Registration Officers on National Insurance numbers and Dates of birth provides more information on personal identifiers.

If an applicant is unable to provide a NINo they may provide with their application a copy of the documents listed in acceptable documents for the exceptions process.5    

If provided, these documents can be used to verify an applicant’s identity. This may be particularly useful close to the deadline for a poll to ensure that an application can be processed without delay.

An application may also contain an applicant’s previous name, email address and telephone number, but they are not a requirement. 

Last updated: 2 April 2024