Running electoral registration - Scotland

Disallowing applications for registration

Disallowing applications for registration

You must disallow an application where: 

  • it contains information meaning that it cannot be successful – for example, the applicant does not qualify, or 
  • there is insufficient information in the application to allow it after you have taken all the necessary steps to obtain it – for example, the application is incomplete or there is information missing, or 
  • the applicant’s identity could not be verified

If you make a decision that an application for registration cannot be allowed, you must send a notice to the applicant stating that, in your opinion, the application cannot be allowed because:1  

  • the particulars of the application are such that they do not entitle the applicant to succeed, or 
  • the matter has been concluded by a court decision

If you have not allowed an application, you must also give the applicant the opportunity to ask for a hearing.
You must inform the applicant that unless notice is received from them within three working days requesting a hearing, the application may be disallowed. 

If you receive no request for a hearing, you may disallow the application and no further action is required.2  

If you do receive a request, a hearing must be held. Further information on the process can be found in our guidance on hearings.

Last updated: 6 October 2020