Running electoral registration - Scotland

Verification of an applicant’s identity

Verification of an applicant’s identity

One of the aspects of entitlement to register is that the application is made by someone who appears to be the person named on the application.1
Any person making a new application for registration must provide personal identifiers which are used to verify the applicant’s identity against DWP records. 

If the applicant’s identity cannot be verified using DWP records, their identifiers may also be matched against local data sources. The results of these checks must be taken into account in determining the application.2
Regardless of when an application for registration is received, you must send the relevant information for verification matching against DWP data and take the results into account when deciding whether to allow the application. 

Applications from 14 or 15 year olds will not be sent for verification against DWP records.3 Instead, you will need to verify the applicant's identity using education records or other local data that meets the required standards.

If you are still unable to verify the applicant’s identity using local data sources, you should follow the exceptions process

Last updated: 27 May 2021