Running electoral registration - Scotland

How to make a new application to register with a Declaration of local connection

Individuals can make a new application to register with a declaration of local connection either: 

  •  by providing the necessary information in writing (e.g. on a paper form)
  •  by telephone (if you offer the service)

Paper applications

We produce printable declaration of local connection application forms which you can use. They are published on our website and GOV.UK. We also provide versions of the forms in a range of accessible formats such as large print and easy read. 

Telephone applications

For the benefit and convenience of electors, you should offer this service wherever possible. This will also help you meet your duties under the Equalities Act 2010, as people who may have difficulties completing the paper or online form will have the opportunity to apply without the need to provide the information in writing.

If you are unable to provide telephone registration for all, you may allow these at your discretion in certain circumstances, and you should do so to assist applicants with disabilities in order to meet equalities obligations.

Last updated: 12 December 2023