Registration forms and letters

Forms, letters and envelopes

Canvass communications

Download for the canvass communication A, canvass communication B, canvass form and email canvass communication.


Registration communications

Download for the invitation to register form, special category elector forms and the change of name form.



Download for the invitation to register letter, email invitation to register, confirmation of a successful application letter and our range of recommended letters.


Guidance on electoral registration communications

This guidance sets out the different voter materials available and how they should be used. It should be read alongside the template communications.

This guidance complements our guidance for Electoral Registration Officers in England, Scotland and Wales, which sets out which communications you can send, and when.

The Electoral Commission has a duty to design certain voter materials. The designs have been through a thorough process of consultation and testing with electoral administrators, software suppliers, printers and the general public. The design and content of the materials have been approved by the UK Minister for the Constitution and Devolution and Scottish and Welsh Ministers.

We recommend that you read this guidance with your printer and/or designer and work through the technical instructions to ensure that you can put the files together in a way that works for you.


Questions and answers about voter materials published in April 2020

In April 2020 we published new voter materials including: canvass communications, forms, envelope templates and invitations to register. Before finalising the designs and content for these materials we consulted with electoral administrators, groups representing their interests and electoral management software suppliers. We also completed testing with the public and consulted with UK, Scottish and Welsh government officials and ministers. These questions and answers address the most common feedback we received.

Questions and answers about voter materials published in April 2020