Where the digital material is a website or webpage, it will usually be reasonably practicable to include the imprint on the relevant webpage. For example, it could be displayed in the footer.

An example webpage for “” with a footer that reads “Promoted by the Grey Party, 110 High Street, Engleston, AB12 3CD”.

Where the material is just a part of the webpage, for example a social media post embedded in the page, then the imprint must be included as a part of the material unless it is not reasonably practicable.

If it is not reasonably practicable, then it can appear somewhere directly accessible from the material – for example, somewhere else on the same webpage, such as the footer, or somewhere hyperlinked from the material.


For example, if your material is a Google search advertisement, the character limit of the description may not be sufficient to contain the information required by the imprint in the material itself. In this case, you can include the imprint somewhere directly accessible from the Google search advertisement, such as the page that the advert links to.

Last updated: 2 November 2023