Performance analysis

The Commission’s Corporate Plan outlines five strategic objectives we are working to achieve over the course of a five-year plan, underpinned by three key enabling factors. The following sections outline the work done in 2022-23 to achieve each objective and underpin each enabling factor, along with work that is ongoing or planned in the coming year.

As shown in this section, the key performance indicators show that the Commission is meeting the majority of targets and on its way to achieve the key objectives by the end of the Corporate Plan period (March 2027). 

As this is the first year of the Corporate Plan, the performance indicators are starting from a new base, and for that reason there are not comparable measurements for previous years.

The indicators show that we achieved our annual goals in key areas, including providing timely advice and guidance to our stakeholders. This is central to our work in supporting compliance, helping administrators to deliver elections, and ensuring voters have the information they need to take part.

Areas where further work is needed to fulfil those ambitions include increasing voter registration activity and more timely publication of statements of accounts.

Strategic Objectives

  • Accessible registration and voting
  • Transparent political campaigning and compliant political finance
  • Resilient local electoral services
  • Fair and effective electoral law
  • A modern and sustainable electoral system

Enabling factors

  • Independence and integrity
  • Skilled organisation where diversity is valued
  • Improvement is continuous and resources are used effectively