This report provides an overview of our work on devolved matters in Wales and looks at our performance during the last year.

We have included summary financial information within the performance report. This is consistent with the financial statements, where more detail is available.

The Political Parties, Elections and Referendums Act 2000 (PPERA) established the Electoral Commission. We are independent of government and political parties and directly accountable to the UK, Scottish and Welsh parliaments.

Amendments made to the Government of Wales Act 2006, by the Wales Act 2017, transferred responsibility for devolved Welsh elections and referendums from the UK Parliament to the Senedd. The Senedd Elections Wales Act 2020 sets out the funding and accountability arrangements for the Electoral Commission’s devolved activities in Wales.


During 2022/23 we utilised 98% of £1.54m of budget available. This was predominately staffing £1.1m (71%) with advertising and research £0.3m (19%); the remaining amounts represent the Senedd contribution to common activities and corporate overheads. Our segmental reporting on shows the breakdown between direct and indirect costs.