The electoral system

The electoral system enables democracy across and within the nations, regions and local areas of the UK by:

  • encouraging people to register to vote, and to trust and value elections and referendums
  • achieving high levels of compliance with registration, reporting and other political finance laws
  • ensuring the delivery of free and fair elections and referendums

A range of bodies operate within the electoral system to enable it to function efficiently and effectively. These include:

  • the Senedd and Welsh Government
  • the UK Parliament and Government
  • candidates, parties and campaigners
  • local electoral services led by the Electoral Registration Officers and Returning Officers, who are responsible for directly delivering elections throughout Wales and the UK, and the Wales Electoral Coordination Board
  • the Electoral Commission which has specific duties related to the oversight of elections, running referendums and the regulation of political finance, along with other bodies that have regulatory and law enforcement responsibilities relating to elections

Scheduled elections in Wales in the period April 2022 to March 2027

May 2022 Welsh Local Government
May 2024 Police and Crime Commissioners (England and Wales) 
No later than January 2025 UK Parliamentary
May 2026 Senedd