4. Supporting and securing campaigner compliance with the law in Wales


Campaigners being able to get their messages to voters is a fundamental part of the democratic process. Campaigners, including parties, must be able to communicate with voters to explain their views and policies, so that voters are informed when they vote. And it’s important that voters hear from a wide and diverse variety of campaigners.

So campaigners must be able to campaign without facing undue actual or perceived barriers, while we continue to ensure political finance is transparent. We will improve the transparency of political campaigning, and help parties and campaigners to comply with the law, by:

  • ensuring campaigners can access support to understand the law in the way and at the time that works best for them
  • ensuring political finance laws are enforced fairly, working with law enforcement and other regulators
  • publishing complete and accurate political finance data
  • providing insights to campaigners and parliaments on how campaigning methods directly affect voter confidence in elections