Guidance for (Acting) Returning Officers administering a UK Parliamentary election in Great Britain

Mistakes on nomination papers

Subject to your power to correct minor errors no changes can be made to a nomination paper once it has been formally delivered.

Correction of minor errors

The information in this section explains how to deal with minor errors and you must have regard to this.1   

You can, by law, correct minor errors made on nomination and home address forms at any time before you publish the statement of persons nominated.2
You should attempt to contact the candidate or agent before making any minor error amendment. 

The table below sets out some of the minor errors which can be corrected and guidance about exercising your power to correct minor errors. You should contact us for advice when considering correcting minor errors.

Type of error


Errors in elector numbers Where an elector number has been entered incorrectly, you may amend it if you are satisfied that an error has been made. However, where the elector number has been omitted altogether this does not amount to an error and the nomination form should be deemed invalid on the basis that the number has not been supplied3 .
Obvious spelling errors in candidate's details Care should be taken in exercising this power - what is an obvious spelling error to one person may not be to another.
Errors in a home address Where a home address is not absolutely correct there may not be a need to make a correction. By law, errors in a home address do not affect the validity of a nomination form, as long as the address can be commonly understood.


Last updated: 19 December 2023