How to maintain your registered political party

This guidance is for parties who want to know how to maintain and make changes to their registered details. 

Registered political parties and their officers must comply with the law, in particular as set out in the Political Parties, Elections and Referendums Act 2000 (PPERA). 

Under PPERA, once you have registered, you must keep your party’s details up to date. This is the responsibility of your party treasurer.

As party treasurer, you are responsible for keeping your party's details up to date.

It covers:

  • how to submit your annual confirmation registration
  • how to change your registered details
  • how to remove your party from the register


Depending on what details you need to change you may have to pay an administration fee. Any fees will be shown on your online application or on the relevant form. 

Where there is a charge, the non-refundable fee is £25 per application, unless you are changing your minor party status. It is £150 to change your minor party status.

You can make more than one amendment per application.

You should allow 20 working days for us to process your application. 

Our online system

You can amend your application online. If you don't have a PEF Online account, you will need to set one up to amend your details online. All of your party officers must have separate email accounts. You can pay any fee electronically when you apply online. 

We have a step by step guide for using PEF Online to update your details.

If you cannot amend your details online, you will need to complete a form. To find the form, please go to the page that is about the change you want to make.