Action days

Action days

Public test:

They are public events so the public test is met.

Purpose test

Call to action to voters

People at the events are encouraged to sign a petition against the planning applications. They are not actively encouraged to vote in a particular way.


The tone of the events is very negative towards fracking. The focus is not on candidates or political parties.

Context and timing

The events are held during the regulated period, about a month before the election.

Fracking is a significant issue in these areas, primarily because there are live planning applications on fracking with the council at the time.

How a reasonable person would see the activity

A reasonable person would think that the events are intended to influence a council decision. They would not think that they are intended to influence voter choice.

The action day campaign cannot be reasonably regarded as intended to influence voters, and so it does not meet the purpose test.

Last updated: 23 September 2019