Party spending and pre-poll donations and loans: UK Parliamentary general election

Pre-poll reporting

At a UK Parliamentary general election (UKPGE), parties standing candidates at the election are required to do weekly pre-poll reporting of the donations they have received and loans they have entered into.1  

You must report any donation received or loan entered into by the central party of over £11,180.

If you have not received any such donations and loans, you must submit a nil return.

You must make these reports on a weekly basis starting from the date of dissolution of Parliament and ending with the date of the election. 

Reports must be delivered to us within seven days of each weekly reporting period ending.

Reporting periodDeadline for pre-poll report
30 May - 5 JuneWednesday 12 June 2024
6 June - 12 JuneWednesday 19 June 2024
13 June - 19 JuneWednesday 26 June 2024
20 June - 26 JuneWednesday 3 July 2024
27 June - 3 JulyWednesday 10 July 2024
4 July (shorter than 7 days)Thursday 11 July 2024

If you have told us you are not standing candidates, you will not have to do pre-poll reporting. 

This is an additional requirement to the quarterly report of donations and loans, which parties must continue to provide throughout the regulated period.

Who is responsible for submitting pre-poll reports? 

The treasurer must make sure that the party complies with the rules and submits the pre-poll reports on time.2 The treasurer must make a declaration in respect of each report to say that the reports are complete and correct.3

Even if your party has a campaigns officer who is responsible for campaign spending, the treasurer is still responsible for reporting pre-poll donations and loans.

You can report your donations and loans via PEF Online

We also produce forms you can use for this:

Great Britain

Northern Ireland

Last updated: 23 May 2024