Party spending and pre-poll donations and loans: UK Parliamentary general election

Managing campaign spending

Who is responsible for party campaign spending?

A party’s registered treasurer is usually responsible for making sure that the party follows the rules on campaign spending.1  However, if a party has registered a campaigns officer, this person is responsible for campaign spending instead.2

You can appoint deputies to help with some of your responsibilities. You can do this on PEF Online or by using Form RP5.

Authorising and paying campaign expenses

Only the responsible person registered with us, their deputies, and people authorised in writing by the responsible person can incur and pay for party campaign spending.3

By ‘incur’ we mean making a legal commitment to spend the money.

For example, someone may be authorised to spend money on particular items, or up to a particular amount.

These rules are in place to make sure that you can be in control of your party spending and accurately record and report it.

You should make sure that your volunteers and campaigners know who can and cannot incur and pay costs.

Last updated: 9 November 2023