Reviews of polling districts, polling places and polling stations

Amending polling places outside of the compulsory review period

If a polling station becomes unavailable, the (A)RO should consider whether another polling station could be designated within the polling place. Changing the polling station within the polling place would not require a review.

If a building becomes unavailable before an election, the polling place can be changed by the local authority in accordance with their decision making arrangements. If delegation procedures are in place, for example to a committee of the council, these should be followed as set out in the council’s constitution and the person or persons who are entitled to make changes to polling places should be contacted.

Between compulsory reviews, all polling places and polling stations used should be kept under consideration, and an evaluation of their suitability carried out after each election. If any changes are identified as being desirable, the same steps should be followed as for conducting the compulsory review. 

The local authority can carry out an interim review and change some of their polling districts and polling places before the end of the 5-year cycle, but the same processes should be undertaken for the affected areas as for the compulsory review. Without going through these processes, the local authority will have difficulty evidencing their decision making and explaining how they took into consideration the views of disabled persons and the reasonable requirements of electors

Last updated: 12 July 2023