Running electoral registration - England

Making at least one personal visit

If you have given a third invitation and no application to register has been made, you are required by law to make at least one visit to the address for the purpose of encouraging an application to be made.1

You can choose to make a visit at any time in the process, for example, at the same time as delivering any of the invitations. You may, therefore, have met this requirement before the end of the ITR chasing cycle. You must, however, have made a visit specifically for the purpose of encouraging an individual to make an application to register. In our view, this means a visit where you have attempted to make contact personally with the individual you are inviting.

What constitutes a personal visit?

A visit made only for the purpose of leaving an ITR and application form at the address with no attempt made to contact the individual being invited would not, in our view, satisfy the requirement.

The requirement would be fulfilled if the individual making the visit speaks to the individual being invited and encourages them to make an application.

As with all stages of this process, you should ensure that you keep records for the purpose of having a clear audit trail of the steps that you have taken as part of the ITR process. This will help to ensure that, if you consider requiring an individual to make an application, you are able to establish that the prerequisites for making such a requirement have been met.

You should, in any case, consider making a further visit if this is likely to result in an application being made.

If no application is made in response to the third invitation and you have made at least one visit to the address, you can move to the next stage of requiring the individual to make an application to register by giving them notice in writing of the requirement.2

Last updated: 10 August 2021