Running electoral registration - Scotland

Working with partners to reach target audiences

Working with partners to reach target audiences

Working with partners, inside and outside the local authority, is key to delivering your registration plan and promoting public awareness. Internal and external partners may be able to identify residents who are entitled to be registered, but do not have an entry in the register. 

External partnerships can be established at every level, from individual community leaders to national businesses. 

Partnerships also need to be built internally within the local authority and with organisations that provide services for the local authority. Council departments or organisations that are in regular contact with residents, for example those delivering meals on wheels or providing domestic care, could be approached to promote the completion of applications. It is important to identify and build relationships with the correct point of contact in each case.

Partnerships should be free, with each side getting a mutual benefit for entering the partnership. However, some costs may be incurred for example, for the production of materials for partners to use with residents.

Last updated: 6 October 2020