Guidance for (Acting) Returning Officers administering a UK Parliamentary election in Great Britain

Nomination papers received by post

Nomination forms, home address forms and consent to nomination forms cannot be delivered by post. 

Only the certificate of authorisation and emblem request can be received by post.

Any certificates of authorisation and emblem requests received by post should be stored securely until required and collated with corresponding nomination papers delivered by hand as appropriate.

You should have a process in place to monitor your incoming mail to ensure it does not contain nomination papers that must be delivered by hand.

If you receive a nomination paper, home address form or consent to nomination form by post, you should try to contact the candidate and explain:

  • that their nomination form, home address form and consent to nomination cannot be accepted by post
  • that they (or someone on their behalf) needs to hand deliver these in accordance with the rules
  • that it is their responsibility to ensure that this is done by the deadline
  • that they do not need to produce new nomination papers or obtain new subscribers

You should keep any nomination papers you receive by post so they can be collected and then delivered to you by hand. You and your staff are not permitted to deliver the forms for the candidate.

The candidate is deemed not to have been nominated if:

  • you receive a nomination form, home address form or consent to nomination by post1   
  • you have not received all of the required nomination forms by the deadline for delivery of nomination papers 

You cannot determine forms which have not been delivered or take any decision as to whether these papers are valid.2  

Last updated: 19 December 2023