Guidance for (Acting) Returning Officers administering a UK Parliamentary election in Great Britain

Place of delivery of nomination papers

Nomination papers must be delivered to a specific location of your choice at the relevant council offices. 

You must include the location on the notice of election. 

In England and Wales, the location you choose must be:1  

  • in the constituency, or
  • in the registration area which includes the constituency, or
  • in the case of a county constituency – in a district or a Welsh county or county borough adjoining the constituency or registration area

The registration area is defined as the area of two or more constituencies which have the same registration officer.2  

In Scotland, the location must be:3   

  • in the constituency, or
  • in the local government area (or, if more than one, any of the local government areas) in which the constituency is situated, or
  • in any local government area adjoining the local government area (or local government areas) in which the constituency is situated

The location included on the notice of election for the delivery of nomination papers should be exact and include any room name or number. This ensures there can be no doubt about where a nomination paper should be delivered. 

You should:

  • ensure that only you or your staff take delivery of nomination papers at the specified location
  • clearly signpost the location from the building entrance 
  • ensure the route is fully accessible or provide an appropriately signposted alternative
  • give details to other local authority staff, such as reception staff, of what to do if a person tries to deliver a nomination paper to them and make it clear that they:
    • should not handle nomination papers
    • should not offer to deliver them
    • should instead direct the person delivering the forms to you

You or an appointed deputy must be present throughout the period for nominations to deal with nominations.4  

Last updated: 19 December 2023