Voter ID resources for any election


Voters are legally required to show photo ID when voting at a polling station at some elections. 

This requirement applies to UK Parliament general elections, by-elections and recall petitions, local elections in England, and Police and Crime Commissioner elections in England and Wales.

It does not apply at Scottish Parliament, Welsh Senedd, or council elections taking place in Scotland or Wales.

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Organisations working directly with voters, including local authorities and charities, can play an important role in supporting voters to ensure they have photo ID ahead of any election where the requirement applies.

Quick Guide to Voting

We have created a new series of animations that explain the voting process step by step, including voter ID. These animations have been developed to be shared by partners on their digital channels.

The series consists of a "teaser episode" for you to share the series with your audience, and also nine individual episodes which focus on specific topics.

Partner Packs

We have published a ‘partner pack’ containing a generic set of resources for use in England, Scotland and Wales. These resources will help organisations raise awareness, and support voters with applying for a Voter Authority Certificate, if needed. This pack also includes information on voter registration, as well as information tailored to the needs of groups we know are more likely to experience barriers in meeting this requirement and who may need support to access photo ID. 

The Pack contains:

  • A guide for staff and volunteers
  • A booklet for voters
  • An A5 insert summarising the requirement
  • Posters 
  • Template web and newsletter copy
  • Template web banners and social media graphics and copy
  • Press resources

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Resources for anonymous voters

We have also published resources tailored to the needs of people who are registered to vote anonymously, or who might benefit from doing so, such as domestic violence survivors.

Download the Partner Pack for anonymous voters

Resources to support organisations ahead of the next UK Parliament general election will be published in due course.

Resources for use in Scotland

To complement a public awareness campaign running in Scotland in spring 2024 ahead of the next UK Parliament general election, we have produced resources local authorities, Electoral Registration Officers and civil society partners in Scotland can use to raise awareness of the voter ID requirement. 

These resources include posters, a leaflet, social media graphics and template posts, and a template press release.

We have also worked with Enable to create an Easy Read Voting Guide for people with a learning disability ahead of the next UK Parliament general election. 

Download the posters

Download the leaflet (template)

Local authorities and Electoral Registration Officers in Scotland wishing to add their contact details to the leaflet template can request the design files by contacting

Download the social media graphics and template posts

Download the template press release

Download the Easy Read Voting Guide on the Enable website.

Translated resources

Posters and social media graphics are available in the range of community languages below. 






















There are three variants of each poster and social media graphic, each containing a different key message. You can find the English translation of these key messages below, to help you decide which translated asset to use.

Download English translation of the posters and social graphics

Please note that the posters, Instagram Story graphics and Facebook/X header images should not be used after 5pm on Wednesday 24 April 2024, as the deadline to apply for a Voter Authority Certificate will have passed.