Running electoral registration - Scotland

When will deletions from the register take effect?

Once you have determined that a person is no longer entitled to remain registered at the address in question, you must remove their entry from the register and give effect to this on publication of the next notice of alteration or on publication of the revised register, whichever is first.

When deletions take effect will depend on when you have made your determination:

Type of register update Date for determining alterations
Monthly notice of alteration 14 calendar days before publication1
Election notices of alteration the day before publication2
Revised register following the canvass the last working day of the month prior to the month when the revised register is published3
Revised register between canvasses 14 calendar days before the end of the month preceding the month when the revised register is due to be published4  

Once you have given effect to a deletion, you do not need to send written confirmation of your determination to the elector where the deletion is made as a result of:5

You may still choose to confirm the deletion if you think it might be helpful to do so, which could be done by email if you hold their email address.

You should consider whether to send a canvass communication to the property to enable you to identify any potential new electors who may be resident at that address.

Last updated: 11 August 2021