Running electoral registration - Scotland

Events and street marketing opportunities

Events and street marketing opportunities

You should consider holding events that involve face-to-face contact with people, for example at an event such as a road show or at a stall in a shopping centre, to boost awareness. Novel activities at existing community events can draw attention and you can promote them in advance. Notify the press ahead of events to attract their attendance and achieve further media coverage.

Events and street marketing can be useful for targeting under-registered groups by bringing information to them. 

You could supply posters and leaflets to draw attention to your stand. Then forms can be collected on the spot or facilities provided to make online applications. This also gives the public opportunity to ask about anything they do not understand. 

It has been shown that an individual is more likely to take action if they can do so straight away. 

Think about the locations that provide an opportunity for people to register then provide information at those points to influence people into taking action to register. 

For example, you may want to display reminders on library computers, at job clubs where computers for CV writing are provided, or in free computing skills classes.

Last updated: 6 October 2020