Scottish Parliament Political Parties Panel minutes: 21 January 2021

Royal Mail update

Rachel Winham (RW) said their preparations were well under way for the May 2021 election. She would forward the candidate mail update next Tuesday. With regards to a number of concerns over the current levels of service due to the pandemic, she indicated they faced the same issues as everyone else under Covid but gave assurance that election materials were a priority and would be delivered on time.

Royal Mail appreciated parties wanted mail to hit door mats a day or two before delivery of postal votes and polling and said they would do the best for them. The helpline was open 24/7 and there was a contact for support. Action: Rachel Winham to provide contact details.

Electoral Commission update

AON indicated Police Scotland would attend the RO/ERO briefing on 5 February and be invited to attend the next SP PPP meeting. Action: EC to invite Police Scotland.