Parliamentary Parties Panel minutes: 2 February 2021

Who was at the meeting

Conservative Party:            

  • Alan Mabbutt OBE (AM), chair of meeting
  • Catherine Latham (CL) 

Liberal Democrats:          

  • Kerry Buist (KB)

Labour Party:

  • Andrew Whyte (AW)

Scottish National Party:        

  • Scott Martin (SM)

Plaid Cymru:           

  •  Geraint Day     (GD)

Electoral Commission:    

  • Ailsa Irvine, Director of Electoral Administration and Guidance (AI)
  • Louise Edwards, Director of Regulation (LE)
  • Bob Posner, Chief Executive (BP)
  • Binnie Goh, Legal Counsel (BG)
  • Laura McLeod, Public Affairs Manager (LM)

Cabinet Office:             

  • Becca Crosier (BC)
  • Paul Docker (PD)
  • James Hairsnape (JH)