Northern Ireland Assembly Parties Panel: Tuesday 18 January

Meeting overview

Date: Tuesday 18 January 2022

Time: 09:30am

Date of next scheduled meeting: Tuesday 8 March

Who was at the meeting

Electoral Commission:

  • Dr Katy Radford (KR)
  • Alex Attwood (AA)
  • Cahir Hughes (CH)
  • Jonathan Mitchell (JM)
  • Roisin McDaid (RM)
  • Hannah Greenfield (HG)

Electoral Office for Northern Ireland:

  • Virginia McVea (VM)

Political Parties:

  • Alliance Party – Peter McCully
  • DUP – Ashleigh Perry and George Dorrian
  • Green Party – Elaine Crory (EC)
  • SDLP – Catherine Matthews (CM)
  • UUP – Philip Smith


  • TUV - Samuel Morrisson

Minutes from NIAPP meeting Tuesday 12 October and any matters arising

The minutes of the previous meeting were agreed.