Appeals procedure for disallowed absent vote applications

There is an appeal procedure for applications for an absent vote which have been disallowed (in the case of proxy applications, this applies to applications to appoint a proxy for a definite or indefinite period only). Any appeal must be made to you within 14 days of the date of the decision on the application and must specify the grounds of appeal. You must immediately forward the notice to the Sheriff together with a statement containing:1  

  • the material facts which have, in your opinion, been established in the case
  • your decision upon the whole case
  • any point which may be specified as grounds of appeal

If there are several appeals, all made on the same or similar grounds you must inform the Sheriff of this to enable the appeals to be consolidated, if appropriate, or a test case to be selected.2  

Legislation does not specify the procedure that should be followed should the Sheriff allow the appeal, but you should be prepared to add the electors to the record and, if appropriate, to the list for an election.

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