Welcome to Your Vote Week 2024: Your Voice Matters

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This Welcome to Your Vote Week, Sophie, a young volunteer from Moray, reflects on the importance of young people getting involved in democracy and using their voices.

Welcome to Your Vote Week 2024: Your Voice Matters

Welcome to Your Vote Week is all about young people across the UK learning more about voting and democracy and raising awareness about how democracy and voting is important and impactful. In 2024, Welcome to Your Vote Week is taking place Monday 29th of January to Sunday 4th of February. The theme for 2024 is Your Voice Matters.

It is important young people learn about voting and democracy so they have confidence in voting when they are old enough. Voting means you get to have your say in who runs our country. Everyone’s voice matters and should be heard. Welcome to Your Vote Week shows young people how they can make their voice heard.    

Even if you don’t think it, your single vote can change the results of an election. Every voice and opinion matters in democracy and it’s important to share yours. Sometimes it can feel as if politics is a big mess, full of scandals. Your voice can help change how politicians act, by signing a petition or speaking to your local MP.  

Through Children in Scotland, I have got to share my voice by taking part in in-person and online meetings and raising awareness about climate change and what can be done to help prevent it.  

This Welcome to Your Vote Week, celebrate how everyone’s voice matters and how everyone can make an impact on the issues they believe in by getting involved in democracy. Whether you choose to cast your vote, start a petition, take part in your school council or get involved in a different way, there are lots of ways to make your voice heard and show your voice matters.  

Welcome to Your Vote Week 2024: Your Voice Matters

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