Date: 24 January 2018

Time: 9:30am to 12:20pm

Location: Boothroyd Room, 3 Bunhill Row, London

Date of next scheduled meeting: Wednesday 13 March

Who was at the meeting

Sir John Holmes (JEH) Chair

Sue Bruce (SB) (by v/c)

Anna Carragher (AC)

Elan Closs Stephens (ECS)

John Horam (JRH)

David Howarth (DH)

Alasdair Morgan (AM)

Bridget Prentice (BP)

Rob Vincent (RV)

Claire Bassett (CB)

Carolyn Hughes (CH)

Ailsa Irvine (AI)

Robert Posner (RP)

Craig Westwood (CW)

Katharine Sparrow (KS)

Polly Wicks (PW)

Katy Thomas (KT)

Louise Footner (LF)