What resources do Electoral Registration Officers need to carry out their role?

What resources do Electoral Registration Officers need to carry out their role?

It is important that you are supported to fulfil your role, given the range of statutory duties, and the seriousness of any breaches.1

The local authority that appointed you must provide the resources needed to discharge your statutory functions. Any expenses properly incurred by you in performance of your functions must be paid by the local authority that appointed you.2

Appointing a Deputy

You should ensure that your council approves the appointment of one or more Deputy EROs who can carry out the duties and powers of the ERO if you are unable to act personally.

Any deputies appointed should have the skills and knowledge required to carry out the functions that they have been assigned. Appointments should be made in writing and include clear details of the full or particular powers that the deputy is authorised to exercise on your behalf. In particular, it may be useful to appoint deputies to undertake quasi-judicial procedures, such as hearings of registration applications, objections and reviews. The acceptance of any such appointment should also be made in writing.

Unlike Returning Officers, the ERO cannot appoint a deputy themselves, unless the power to do so has been delegated to them by the council.3

If the position of ERO is vacant or the ERO is incapable of acting, any of the duties and powers of the ERO may be carried out by the proper officer of the council.4

The electoral registration team

The council that appointed you must provide officers to assist you in your statutory functions.5 You should consider how the council can provide the support required for your registration plans to be delivered. In particular, you should ensure that you have enough staff with the right skills in your team. For guidance on planning, training and recruitment of staff, see planning for registration throughout the year.

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