Your powers to request further information

Your powers to request further information

If you are not satisfied that an applicant or elector is eligible to be registered, you have the powers to request documentary evidence from them in regard to their residency, date of birth and/or nationality.

You also have the general power to require any third party to provide information about any aspect in relation to a person’s entitlement to be registered.1

You separately have the power to require information from any other person for the purposes of maintaining the register.2  Failure to respond to a request for information could lead to a £1,000 fine.3 Where you formally request information you should make clear the maximum fine they may incur if they do not respond.

If any fee is payable in connection with the production of the evidence you require, you must pay the fee and treat it as part of the registration expenses paid by the local authority.4

Guidance on the use of this power to verify applicants who cannot provide any of the information required on an application is contained in our guidance on the exceptions process.

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