How long are declarations of local connection valid for?

How long are declarations of local connection valid for?

A declaration of local connection is valid for 12 months from the date when the entry on the register first takes effect.1 Registrations can be removed earlier in the following circumstances:2  

  • cancellation by the elector 
  • you determine the person is not entitled to be registered
  • you determine the person was registered, or that their entry was altered, as a result of an application made by another person (i.e. not the individual whose details are provided on the application and who has declared that the information provided is true)
  • if another entry is made in respect of the elector in any register of electors 
  • in the case of prisoners registered as local government electors through a declaration of local connection, although their declaration is valid for 12 months, their restricted franchise only applies for the duration of their detention. However, they must make a new application in order to be added to the register of UK Parliamentary electors, and you should invite them to do so upon their release

For guidance on removing an elector from the register, see our guidance on deletions.

A declaration received later than three months after it is dated must be rejected.3 The applicant should be informed and invited to submit a fresh declaration.

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