Renewal of declarations of local connection

Renewal of declarations of local connection

A person registered through a declaration of local connection is entitled to remain registered until the end of the 12 month period beginning with the date when the entry first takes effect, provided the other conditions for registration remain satisfied.

You will need to maintain a record showing when reminders are due to be sent. You must remind the elector of the need to make a fresh declaration if they wish to remain registered.1 The reminder must be sent between 9 and 10 months after the date when the entry first takes effect2 and should include a declaration for the elector to complete. If you do not receive a fresh declaration, you are required to send a second reminder not less than 21 days and not more than 28 days after sending the first reminder.3  

Reminders must not be sent where you have received information that the person is no longer entitled to make the relevant declaration.4  In the case of a prisoner registered as a local government elector, there is no need to send reminders to renew their declaration.
Where a declaration is not renewed within the 12 month period and the person is removed from the register, they will also lose any absent voting arrangement they had in place.

Further information about notifying electors of loss of entitlement to absent voting arrangements can be found in our guidance on absent voting.

You should consider the most appropriate method of obtaining a renewal from those who have registered through a declaration of local connection. It may be appropriate, in addition to simply sending a renewal notice by post, to make a personal visit to ensure the reminder and declaration reaches the elector.

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