Clerical errors on the electoral register

Clerical errors on the electoral register

A clerical error is a mistake found on the electoral register that has occurred as a result of an error made by you or your staff, for example, an error when transcribing information from an application or where you have failed to add a successful applicant to the register due to a clerical processing error.1  

You may determine that the electoral register contains a clerical error at any time and2  any clerical errors should be rectified as soon as they have come to your attention and reflected in the next register update.

If a clerical error has been identified after the publication of the last notice of alteration before an election, you can make the determination to correct the error up until 9pm on polling day for it to take effect in time for an election.3

The details must be transmitted to the Presiding Officer for the appropriate polling station and you should agree a process for doing so in advance with the Returning Officer.4  

For more information on clerical errors see our guidance for Returning Officers.

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