Petition notices of alteration

Where a Speaker’s notice in respect of a recall petition has been given for a UK Parliamentary constituency, the Petition Officer (PO) is required to publish a petition register on the third working day before the signing period begins. 

Any elector for the relevant constituency who applies on or before the day the Speaker’s notice is given, and whose application will be determined before the publication of the petition register (the cut-off day), will be entitled to sign the petition.1  

You are required to publish a petition notice of alteration on the cut-off day, detailing in-time additions, amendments and deletions, as well as any alterations due to court orders or clerical errors. 

Determinations relating to other constituencies, or the local government register only, will only take effect on the next monthly notice of alteration or on publication of the revised register, whichever is sooner.

You will need to have arrangements in place so that you know whether or not an application has arrived by the deadline.

Where you are not the PO, you will need to agree with them how you will supply the relevant notices for the constituency or the part of the constituency that you are responsible for. This includes any notices issued as a result of court orders or clerical errors up to the end of the signing period. 

The following table sets out the timetable for applications and determinations to be made in time for inclusion on the petition notice of alteration: 

Petition Register Process  Deadline
Deadline for receipt of applications (new applications and amendments to existing entries) The date the Speaker’s notice is given
Determination deadline; deletions deadline; deadline for receipt and determination of anonymous registration applications On the day of publication of the petition notice of alteration
Publication of the petition notice of alteration and supply to the PO 3 working days before the signing period begins
Deadline to make further alterations as a consequence of court orders or clerical errors Before the prescribed time on the last day of the signing period (i.e. 1 hour before the end of the signing period on the last day of signing).

Further guidance on supply of the register to the PO is available in our resource for EROs in England, Scotland and Wales

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