Supply and inspection of absent voting lists at a recall petition

You must, on request, supply free of charge a copy of the absent signers and proxy postal signers list to:1

  • a registered political party
  • the MP to whom a petition relates
  • the Electoral Commission
  • the Security Service, Government Communications Headquarters and the Secret Intelligence Service
  • any police force in Great Britain, the National Crime Agency and any body of constables established under an Act of Parliament
  • an accredited campaigner

As soon as practicable after 5pm on the cut-off day (3 working days before the first day of the signing period) you must:

  • publish the absent signers, proxies2 and postal proxies 3 lists
  • send to the Petition Officer a copy of those lists

Inspection of the lists

Where inspection takes place by providing a copy of the information on a computer screen or in another data form, you must ensure that no person is permitted to:

  • search it by electronic means by reference to the name of any person
  • copy or transmit any part of that copy by electronic or any other means

A person who inspects a copy of the information whether in printed or data form may not:

  • make copies of any part of it or
  • record any particulars in it otherwise by means of hand-written notes
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