Maintaining the register

Maintaining the register

The electoral register

As ERO you have a duty to maintain:

  • a register of parliamentary electors
  • a register of local government electors1  

These registers contain details of those who are registered to vote and must be combined as far as is practicable. Any reference to the register in our guidance should be taken as a reference to the combined registers unless otherwise stated.

The edited register

You must also produce an edited (or open) version of the register.2 We use the term edited register, as this is the technical term used in the legislation. Open register is used to describe the edited register to members of the public to make it easier to understand the purpose of this register and how it is used. Where we mention the edited register in this context, we will refer to the edited register as the open register.

The edited register contains only the names and addresses of those on the full register who have not opted out of their details appearing on the edited register.

Absent voting records

In addition to maintaining the register, you have a duty to process absent vote applications, maintain the absent voting record and produce the lists of absent voters for an election.3  More information can be found in our guidance on absent voting.

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