Make elections happen

Polling station staff


Our democracy depends on thousands of people who work on polling day. They open polling stations across the country in the morning, greet voters and issue ballot papers.

There are 40,000 polling stations open across the UK on polling day. Over 150,000 polling station staff work to make sure our elections are free, fair and open to all.

Anyone can apply, you don’t need any specific qualifications.

Find out more and get involved in the polling day action.


The information in this section covers working at polling stations in England. 

We are looking to add further information and resources about working at polling stations throughout the rest of the UK in the future.

Why work at elections

Serve your community while gaining new skills to help further your career, and get paid for your time.

  • Gain new problem solving and decision making skills, while working as a team
  • Learn more about how democracy works and how your vote is counted
  • Gain unique experience and training – no two polling days are the same
  • Get paid for your time

When to apply

Scheduled elections usually happen on the first Thursday in May, but elections can be held at any time. Get in touch with your council, and they’ll add your name to a list of potential staff if there are no upcoming elections.