Content of the invitation to register

The content of the ITR is prescribed.1

Whenever you issue an ITR you must include a paper application form with it.

You must use the application form approved by the Minister for the The Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities and made available to you by the Commission and must, if practicable, pre-print on the application form the full name and address of the individual being invited.2  This does not apply if you give the ITR by electronic means.3  In that case the prescribed email ITR includes a link to

The ITR and application form that you must use are available on our website. The prescribed form includes a data protection statement and the prescribed description of the electoral and open registers.

The prescribed email invitation is included in the letters folder, also available on our website. You should always ensure that you are using the latest versions.

Our forms and letters guidance sets out how the application form and letter must be used.

The forms and letters guidance is available on our website.

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