How should an invitation to register be issued?

An ITR must be given either by delivering it to the individual (including by post) or by leaving it at the individual’s address.1  

The ITR may also be given by electronic means, including by email.2

An ITR cannot be given verbally, such as by telephone, although you can informally prompt applications to register by any suitable means before or after you have given an invitation.

When you have decided how to give an ITR, you should ensure that you have processes in place to create an audit trail of the deliveries. Before you can require an individual to make an application to register, you will need to establish that they have received at least one ITR. 

You may want to ensure that at least one of the ITRs is hand-delivered. This will provide you with assurance that an ITR was delivered. 

Your public engagement strategy and registration plan should reflect your considerations of the delivery method for ITRs. 


If you are delivering a paper ITR you should address the covering envelope to the named individual at the address you have identified. You must print the following information on the envelope.3

  • a direction requesting that the envelope is not re-directed if it is incorrectly addressed
  • a direction requesting that any other individual who receives the envelope and who is resident at the address inform you if the addressee is not resident there
  • your contact details

You must also include with the ITR – except for any sent electronically – a pre-addressed, pre-paid reply envelope in which the form can be returned.4  

Suggested content for envelopes, which includes all required information, and accompanying guidance can be found here.

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