Electoral Commission statement on the outcome of Vote Leave's judicial review


An Electoral Commission spokesperson said:

“The Court of Appeal has today (12 November 2019) found against Vote Leave and confirmed that we have the power to publish our investigation findings. Specifically the court agreed that we could publish details of our investigation into electoral law offences committed by Vote Leave during the 2016 EU referendum. Our ability to investigate, impose sanctions and publicise our investigations incentivises parties and campaigners to comply with electoral law. Such transparency and clarity is also in the public interest and underpins confidence in the democratic process.” 




  • The judicial review looked at whether the Commission had the power to publish on its website a report into its investigation into a number of campaigners in the EU referendum, including Vote Leave and Darren Grimes.
  • The judgment is now available
  • We published our report in July 2018. Today's ruling confirms that we have the power to do so.