What do I need to consider when planning the publication of the revised register following the canvass?

When planning your canvass timetable you will need to take into account the requirement to publish your revised register by 1 December, unless there has been an election during the canvass in which case you can delay publication up until 1 February.1   

Publication of the register on 1 December maximises the length of time available for applications to register to be received and determined in time to be included on the revised register. 

If 1 December falls on a weekend rather than a working day, there may be specific practicalities you will need to address to ensure you’re still able to publish. For example, you would need to factor into your planning the possible resource requirements related to working on a weekend, such as the opening of office buildings, staffing arrangements and the availability of IT support if required.

You should bear in mind that not all of your canvass activity needs to be completed by 1 December, regardless of when you publish your revised register; any outstanding steps can be picked up as part of your year-round electoral registration activity.

If, for whatever reason, you decide to publish on a date in November instead of on 1 December, you will need to consider the impact on your canvass plans of the earlier deadlines for receipt of applications in time for them to be determined and included on the revised register. Publication of the revised register in November means that some individuals who make a successful registration application from late October onwards, would not be added to the register until the January notice of alteration, unless they are added by any election notice of alteration. 

Diweddarwyd ddiwethaf: 16 Ebrill 2020