How can I manage risks to the annual canvass?

When planning for and delivering your annual canvass you will need to consider the risks to the canvass and how you will mitigate these, ensuring that these are captured in a risk register. This risk register should be kept under regular review and you should use it to:

  • record any risks identified, including the seriousness of any risk by indicating both the likelihood of the risk occurring and the impact of the risk if it did occur
  • monitor and document any changes to these risks
  • record actions identified to mitigate the risks
  • monitor and record how mitigating actions are being taken forward

We have developed a template risk register that you might find helpful. The template provides some example risks and suggested actions for mitigating those risks.

In addition to the risks identified in the template you should also identify any other risks, including ones specific to your local circumstances, and how you would mitigate those.

Diweddarwyd ddiwethaf: 16 Ebrill 2020