Running electoral registration - England

Anonymous overseas electors

A person may apply to be an anonymous overseas elector if they meet the qualifications for both overseas and anonymous elector registration1

Anonymous domestic electors must reapply to register on an annual basis. However, as an overseas elector entitlement lasts for three years, overseas electors who wish to register anonymously may reapply for an anonymous entry on the register each year without having to reapply to register as an overseas elector.2

Anonymous electors must provide their qualifying address for their overseas application in their application to be registered anonymously.

Anonymous registration applications may be submitted electronically (by email) but cannot be submitted via the online application portal. However, all anonymous renewals must still contain a wet-ink signature. Digital signatures, as written by a stylus or similar device, may not be used.

Anonymous overseas electors will be listed differently in the register to other overseas electors. For more information, please see our guidance on how anonymous electors appear in the register.

For more information on the requirements of anonymous registration, please see our guidance on anonymous electors

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