Running electoral registration - England

How should overseas electors be listed in the register?

Overseas electors should be listed as other electors at the end of each relevant part of the register and entries must be shown without an address. They must be grouped in alphabetical order together with any service voters and persons registered by a declaration of local connection. All overseas electors must have the letter F prefixed before their name. 

You must prepare and maintain a separate list of the names of overseas electors. The names must be listed in alphabetical order.1

The list must include the elector’s qualifying address and their present address.2

For anonymous overseas electors the list must only contain their elector number3 and the date on which their entitlement to remain registered anonymously ends.4  The elector numbers of anonymous overseas electors must be printed after the alphabetical list of names of ordinary overseas electors. 

The list of overseas electors must be made available for inspection (under supervision) at the same time as a revised version of the register is published.5

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